Necessary Information to Prepare Before Hiring a Website Design Company


Multi cultural group of young business people working

Who is the point person of the project? While it is sensible to have at least 2 or more people to give feedback on the entire project, it is always vital to have a person who is accountable for communicating with the website design and development company and deliver the materials by the set deadlines.

What is the nonprofit’s target clients for donors, and in addition, for anyone else your nonprofit will help or serve through your website? It is vital to give the information such as age, gender, language, ethnicity, as well as economic status for both the target donors as well as those people you want to serve online.

Can you write down a couple of organizations that will give the same services to your nonprofit? Be sure to list out a number of competitors you have in the industry as well as their corresponding websites. Based on the competition, the essex web studio website design and development company will find out the strategies that are most likely to succeed as well as which are likely to fail on your site.

What are the three websites that you want and what are the three that you don’t? state the reason why. This will let the web design and development firm to obtain an idea on the kind of design or certain functionality that you want. Once you begin the project, you will most likely have to answer the questions that are deeper than this.

What are your goals for creating the new website? Do you want to escalate your fundraising with the use of the internet? Or are you trying to give a service on your site? Do you want to augment the name of your organization? Or do you want to increase your volunteer base? These questions are just some of it, if not the most crucial questions to answer before you start the processing of creating a new website. Keep in mind that your new site is an investment and not an expense. This must be able to create a return of investment for your company.

What are the things you want your website to execute? A lot of the answers to this inquiry would stem from the goals you gave before. Do you want to have video and photo galleries? Or do you want to collect donations or manage volunteers on the website?


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